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Guide to downgrade from psp 2.60 / 2.50


Guide to downgrade from psp 2.60 / 2.50

What is needed:
To downgrade from 2.5 / 2.6 your PSP must NOT mount a TA-082 version motherboard (otherwise a downgrade attempt could result in a brick).

you also need an original GTA liberty city Stories UMD to run the eLoader and launch the Downdater.

The developer, Dark_alex has entered a password protection:
“I_USE_AT_MY_OWN_RISKS” (without quotes)

which means “I use it at my own risk” so if you hustle it is not our problem
Phase 1: Creation of necessary files:

To create the files necessary for the downgrade it is necessary to extract some information from a psp 1.5 which will be passed on to the psp to be “downgraded” for the final operation.

1. Copy the downhelper and downhelper% folders from the 1.50 HELPER folder by moving it to / PSP / GAME / on the memory stick.
2. Download the official update 1.5 and insert it in / PSP / GAME / UPDATE on the memory stick.
3. Run the Downhelper program on the psp (copied in step 1).

4. Downhelper will dump some files and some information from the psp flash, copying them to a folder in the psp.

5. After this, the program will exit. at this point it is possible to delete the update 1.5 from / PSP / GAME / UPDATE

6. You will notice that a new “DOWNDATER” folder will be present in the root of the memory stick.
7. this is the folder that your PSP 2.50 / 2.60 will need to allow it to downgrade.

STEP 2: Downgrade the PSP 2.50 / 2.60

We pass on the psp from “downgredare”:

1. if we have FW 2.50 copy DOWNGRADER / 2.50 / DOWNDATERTEST in the / PSP / GAME / folder of the memory stick.
2. if we have FW 2.60 copy DOWNGRADER / 2.60 / DOWNDATERTEST in the / PSP / GAME / folder of the memory stick.

3. Now the “DOWNDATER” folder comes into play, previously dumped on the psp with FW 1.5: let’s copy it to the root of the memory stick (X: /).
4. Let’s start GTA and the Eloader and insert the power supply.
5. In the eLoader menu, we choose downdater test.

ATTENTION: the process will show no sign of progress, it will start the downgrade process immediately.

6. At this point it will be possible to see the led of the memory stick flash in reading. This means that the psp is flashing referring to the files present in “DOWNDATER”.

7. You will not see any sign on the screen of what is happening (this is for safety). When the memory stick finishes being read (when the relative LED stops flashing), from this moment wait AT LEAST 1 minute, and then reboot the psp by pressing the power button upwards.

8. That’s it. If everything went as planned, you should end up with a PSP with Firmware 1.5. If something went wrong you will still find a psp 2.50 / 2.60. If everything has gone completely wrong, your psp will no longer be able to turn on, except by mounting a mod chip.

9. if your psp now shows version “v2.01”, that’s fine too. Just use Wab Version Changer to bring it to v1.50

: if the UMDs are not read, showing the typical FW version error, disconnect the battery for 5-10 minutes and then restart. at this point it should no longer give problems (trick by ZFB8 and Pranav).

Dark_alex translation guide taken from psp-ita.com