Google search retests the desired dark mode implementation

The implementation of Dark Mode in the web version of Google Search has been expected for some time. Now, the Mountain View giant has started the testing phase.

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This is not the first time that a test phase has been carried out for the implementation of Dark Mode in Google Search, but in previous versions it ended up not being released to all users.

Now, it is believed that this could be the final testing phase, as Dark Mode has already become extremely common across all platforms.

Google web search assumes dark mode based on user settings

For now, there are only a few reports from users with access to this new implementation. Most likely, Google has restricted its release to just a small number of users.

If feedback on the Dark Mode implementation is positive, it may be released globally in the coming weeks.

Still, there are no guarantees that it will actually be released to all users.

Despite not being officially available, there are already several browsers that allow the implementation of extensions that transform the entire browser interface.

A good example of this is the Dark Reader extension, available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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