Google says goodbye to Android Gingerbread

Google, the main subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has revealed that it will block its services on smartphones that still use the Android Gingerbread operating system.

The measure will officially take effect on September 27, 2021. From that date on devices with version 2.3.7 entitled “Gingerbread” you will not be able to connect to a Google account and its services.

Android Gingerbread is a version of the Android operating / operating system created by Google and released on December 6, 2010.
It is worth remembering that this version of the Android operating system has not received security updates since 2016, which means that older mobile phones are vulnerable to security breaches, viruses or other malware.

The Mountain View giant recommends its users (users) to update their devices to a newer version of Android, such as 3.0 or later.

If they do not perform this update, users will not be able to use the various Google applications and services, such as Maps, Gmail, YouTube and etc.
As of September 27, the Play Store application store will also not be available for those who continue to use Android Gingerbread, as this requires access to a Google account, access to which is blocked. Any login attempts will fail and you will also not be able to change the password or reset the device.

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