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Google Play Protect, the rollout begins

Google Play Protect, the rollout begins

His arrival was necessitated by the more and more malware apps present on the Play Store.

Google’s crusade against the malware plaguing its operating system is far from over. Just in these days, in fact, Google will provide a new defense system called Google Play Protectwhose rollout has started shortly and will affect all Android devices that are equipped with the version 11 or higher of the Google Play Services.

Once Play Protect is installed on your device, it scope of this service will simply be that of perform frequent scans of the apps installed on your smartphone in order to detect the presence of any threats.
All that it will happen at regular intervals And it will not require particular interaction by the user, as the procedure will take place in the background.

To maintain an overall security level as high as possible, it is recommended to download applications only from the Play Store, as it is the same Google claims it scans up to 50 billion different applications daily.

Nonetheless, Google Play Protect will not be the ultimate security method and as usual attention is required from the user during the installation of an application, especially if the latter comes from a third party or from an unreliable source.

To check if Google Play Protect is working properly on your smartphonejust look for the appropriate menu in the Google Settings, under the heading “Security”.