Google Pixel: First week sales better than the Nexus 6P

The first sales figures of the Google Pixel show better results than the launch of the Nexus 6P last year, among the reasons for this there is also the new advertising strategy adopted by Google.

Google Pixel has just been launched on the market and now the first data on the sales of the two new smartphones are arriving. The Appboy company, specialized in mobile market research, analyzed the sales of the week from 20 to 27 October, arriving at an interesting conclusion. The Google Pixel hit 0.016% of the smartphone market, while the Pixel XL hit 0.020%. The Nexus 6P to get the same percentage last year, it took more than two weeks. This means that the market launch of the Pixel has been met with more enthusiasm by consumers than the Nexus 6P.

This trend can be explained by the new advertising strategy and communication adopted by Google to launch their devices. In fact, the promotion campaign on the market was much more incisive than last year. More generally, we can say that the Pixels have brought a great renewal in communication for Google: we have gone from a Nexus range, which was never really seen as proprietary, to two smartphones in which the “Made by Google” has been put at the center of attention. All this has led to more structured and aggressive advertising campaigns, capable of attracting the attention of consumers more.

We can therefore say that the launch of the Pixel was certainly positive and that Google’s choices seem to have paid off, even if for a definitive judgment we have to wait for more solid sales figures.