Google launches a new free plan, Workspace Essentials Starter.

After you have decided to stop support for accounts Legacy G Suite free on last month, Google has now launched a new plan in Google Workspace called Essentials Starter Edition. It’s a free plan that allows businesses to use all of Google’s productivity apps except Gmail.

The Workspace Essentials Starter plan is aimed primarily at businesses that already have their own email systems, but don’t have access to modern communication and collaboration tools. The plan gives access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat and Meet. Storage space is limited to 15 GB while each Google Meet call is limited to 60 minutes.

The new Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is a free solution for business users looking to enhance the teamwork and unlock innovation with design-protected collaboration, he wrote Kelly WaldherVP Marketing of Google Workspace. Google claims the new plan “It will run over a period of several weeks and may not be available in some regions until mid-February 2022“.