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Google I / O 2022: here are the main news

Google I / O 2022: here are the main news

The keynote has just ended Google I / O 2022. Let’s go and discover together all the news presented by the Mountain View giant!

Google Translate

Sundar Pichai opened the conference by announcing the availability of 24 new languages for Google Translate, including some spoken by Native Americans.

Google Maps

Google’s navigation app is by far the most used in the world and is expanding further: just think that in Africa it has quintupled the number of users reaching around 300 million.
Google also introduced a new one building recognition system so far applied to 20% of buildings. Thanks to 3D Imaging and the merger of millions of photos, the app is now able to display a city, a neighborhood or famous monuments in an immersive mode.

Finally, in addition to the ability to view the weather forecast for when you intend to visit a certain point of interest, Google will also allow you to virtually visit the interior of public places such as restaurants.

These innovations, also developed using neural rendering, will arrive in a series of selected cities by the end of the year.
Big G’s attention to the environment should be noted: Google Maps will also update itself by showing the quantity of CO2 emitted along certain routes and will also propose routes that will save emissions among the alternatives. Google Flight will do the same, which will show, in addition to flight prices, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted, allowing you to choose the most eco-friendly solutions (and able to save us fuel).


Also coming some news for YouTube: Google promises to increase the number of videos in which it will be available in the next few years automatic division into chapters; in addition, transcripts of the videos in 16 different languages ​​will soon be available.

Google Workspace

Big G also focused on the suite Workspace.

The most important change concerns the automatic document synthesis: thanks to artificial intelligence and user suggestions, we will be able to display a short summary at the beginning of a long document to have the most important information immediately at hand.

I rAutomatic summaries will also arrive on Google Chat and Google Meetfor which the transcription of the meetings is also foreseen along with new solutions to improve the video and audio quality.

In this regard, thanks to machine learning users will benefit from a thevirtual illumination to improve image quality during video calls in low light conditions or when placed under a direct light source such as a window.
The Workspace suite will also be equipped with a anti-phishing control which will alert the user if he should work on a shared document containing a suspicious link.

google search

News also for Google Search, for which multisearch has been introduced, a feature that will allow search based on different inputssuch as an image and text.
In the demonstration, for example, a photo of a dish was searched for accompanied by the search “near me”, with the app that immediately showed the restaurants where it is possible to taste it.


We now come to the main news in the Android field.
The most interesting is represented by the Google Wallet app, which will arrive in the coming weeks on smartphones and other Android devices. Inside it will be possible to keep not only credit cards, but also airline tickets, vaccination certificates, car keys and much more. Google has entered into talks with governments of several countries to also allow the storage of digital identity cards and driving licenses.

Now we come to tablets: Big G will improve multitasking by allowing the drag and drop of content from one window to another, just like on a PC. Additionally, over 20 apps have been optimized for tablet use.

We also report the arrival on Wear OS of automatic calls to rescue in the event of falls or car accidents.