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Fortnite: How it works Impostors – Guide to roles and activities – Best strategies to win

Fortnite: How it works Impostors – Guide to roles and activities – Best strategies to win

Available since last Fortnite season, the impostor mode besides being fun it is ideal for gain experience to level in the Battle Pass, with a good game you can reach 15,000 to 20,000 XP. If you have never played it below we bring you everything you need to know.

How to play the impostors mode in Fortnite

There impostors mode is located in Discoverycreated by Epic Games and based on Among US, presents as an image the one shown above, so you can’t go wrong. In Imposters there are two teams, one made up of 2 impostors and the other by the remaining players in the role of Agents.

The purpose is very simple, the Imposters must eliminate the Agents and sabotage the base while the latter try to figure out who they are Imposters and delete them in the vote. The game takes place as follows:

The game ends when there is only one left agentgiving the victory to Impostersor when the Agents all tasks end. During the game, therefore, the Agents they have to make sure they do the assignments to win the game while the Imposters to eliminate the Agents without getting caught.

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As told him Imposters they have three possible actions besides the elimination of the opposing player:

In the first case, everyone is denied the possibility of carrying out tasks, and therefore also of voting, unless the luminous glow left by the deceased player is used, in the second case all the players take on the role of Bananauseful if you want to eliminate players without revealing your identity, in the third and last case instead you are simply taken to a random point on the map.

At the time of the vote the possibility is offered to ask questions, accuse or defend oneself, the player with the most votes is eliminated, once the two have been removed Imposters the game ends with the victory of the Agents. At the end of the game they are awarded experience points based on how many tasks have been completed, targets eliminated, time spent in the game and other actions.

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As mentioned you can earn up to 20 / 22,000 XP about, if you play in the best way. Each game has a variable duration, usually 10/15 minutes, depending on the type of game, but it could also end in a matter of minutes. It is not possible to stay still because you are penalized, halving the XP earnable, also at the beginning of the game you can choose the role from the terminal, but we anticipate that since theImpostor is tempting to many, choosing the aforementioned role does not mean receiving it automatically. Be sure to play cunning the role of Impostor and with caution in that ofAgent to win the game.

Best strategies to win at Impostors

Now that you know the outline how to play impostors in Fortnitewe want to share some with you winning strategies that could help you precisely a win games at Impostorsresulting in an amount greater than experience points.



Regardless of the role, when voting, don’t just vote but try to be as quick as possible to say what you were doing, where you were, who could be theImpostor and why. So for example if you are Agents give as much information as possible to other players, not just saying I don’t trust or He is an impostor but also that he was not carrying out assignments and so on. Often when you are Imposters the best defense is to keep quiet, let others play and cast your vote silently.

Remember, if someone accuses you, unfortunately you will hardly have time to defend yourself, the other players will automatically vote for you. For example if someone says you are Imposters, all or most of them will automatically vote for you, so it is important to perform your best in the game before you get to the vote. Depending on the game you will also receive a different amount in experience points, so depending on the duration, eliminations, completed assignments and so on.

Imposters could help you a lot a level up quickly in the Battle Pass if you play it right, be sure to follow our tips and strategies and you will see that you will be able to get 15 to 20 thousand XP per game. Keeping in mind that after level 100 a lot of is required XP to level, you will need to play 5 to 10 games Imposters in the best way to get the necessary points.