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“Fatal Falls”, the new Dead Cells DLC is available for PC and consoles

“Fatal Falls”, the new Dead Cells DLC is available for PC and consoles

Motion Twin and Evil Empire just announced that Fatal Falls, the long-awaited Dead Cells DLC is available for PC and consoles. To present it, a new animated trailer has been released that shows the different enemies, the settings and the inevitable deaths that players will face in the new DLC (on sale at a price of € 4.99). Fatal Falls is the 22nd major update for the hugely popular and award-winning Dead Cells, but it’s only the second paid DLC since its Early Access debut in 2017.

Also, starting today, the price of the game across all platforms has been drastically cut. The prices and dates of the offers may vary depending on the platform, so for more information all players can refer to the official digital store of each platform.

The new bundle, Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle is available today on Nintendo Switch (priced at € 19.99). The bundle contains all 20 free updates plus the two paid DLCs, The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls (each also sold separately for € 4.99 each).

But there are also other offers to discover:

Fatal Falls

The Fatal Falls DLC introduces a large amount of new content for all fans, such as two new locations that can be visited in the mid-game, a fearsome boss and a host of new items and weapons. The two new settings are accessible parallel to the areas of the Stilt Village, the Clock Tower and the Guardian of Time, and are to be considered as alternative routes to make the central part of the adventure even more engaging.

In addition to the new paths, players can expect some sort of murderous sword as a companion and new insane enemies such as the shortsighted raven, the clumsy swordsman, the morbid gravedigger and several others (there are eight in all), before the final boss, the Scarecrow.

What would a new update be without new weapons? The manic sword (did we mention it flies?) Available in Fatal Falls is designed to offer players who bet on Brutality a viable alternative to the Eagle Owl and the Mushroom Zone. Scythes have also been added, undoubtedly among the most fascinating weapons ever: they are attracted to enemies and follow you for a while. Seven new weapons have been added: Lightning Rods, Scarecrow’s Scythes, Ferryman’s Lantern, Iron Staff, Serenade, Snake Fangs and Cocoon. Each of them will help you in the different areas that make up the two new environments. And since our goal is to make you fight your best AND ALSO super stylish, there are also 10 new skins in this update.

Fatal Falls is the second paid DLC for the 2018 GOTY Dead Cells. The developers have continued to make free updates for the game’s fantastic community over the past 30 months. The first paid DLC, The Bad Seed was released last year at a price of € 4.99. The latest recent updates have introduced six new bosses, profound changes to gameplay mechanics, the much-requested backpack, several original environments and dozens of peculiar (and often deranged) enemies, as well as a truckload of lethal weapons capable of helping you not to die. … too often. The 21st update, Malaise, has totally changed the game mechanics. It is currently only available on PC, but will arrive on consoles in February.

Dead Cells is a roguelite metroidvania with action and platform elements acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, set in a castle filled with unpredictable dangers, where players must face a myriad of dark secrets and deadly enemies as they attempt to escape the looming threat of permanent death . To do so, they will have to face very risky decisions and make the most of the incredible arsenal of weapons and skills at their disposal. A series of major post-launch updates allowed Dead Cells gameplay to evolve based on player feedback, so that the action-packed adventure was always enjoyable and satisfying.