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Facts and myths about WiFi

Facts and myths about WiFi

We have always wanted to improve the WiFi connection in our house with countless tips that we see on the Internet. Many times we believe that these tips work, but in reality they are contributions created by the rumor mill by users who are not experts.

It is very likely that many of our readers have experienced this type of situation. You come home and want to connect to your wifi network and, by surprise, you see that your network it does not work. At this time you will always hear some comment such as: “If you restart the router, the connection works again” or “a wireless network is slower than a cable network”.

When these things happen, it rains the advice, although it is possible to wonder if they really work, they only serve to feed the innumerable forums about it. Next, we dismantle some myths about WiFi.

Restart the router as a solution to everything

The advice most heard and used by the entire community. It is something that may turn out to be a myth, but, it really works.

The router is a device that it is working every day and every hour. This can produce the overheating of the components and, therefore, lower their performance. In these cases it is recommended restart our wifi every so often.

This recommendation is applicable for our device to change from broadcast channel if it is saturated. With this action, we get our router to search for a less busy channel, thus increasing its bandwidth.

WiFi is slower than wired connection

A comment that we have heard from some “expert” that we have at home, but you have to know that this is fake.

Many users believe that using a wireless network is synonymous with poor connection performance, but it has been losing its credibility in recent years.

New connections have recently emerged, such as the case of the wifi 5 which has taken a huge leap in performance.

For example, thanks to this connection we can see high quality content on our laptops or smartphone. It is expected that with the arrival of wifi 6 speed is increased 6.9Gbps ​​to 9.6Gbps.

If your house has many partitions it can make the signal difficult

Many times we have read that if you lived in a House with many walls you ran the risk that your wireless network did not respond in the best way. An expression that is obviously false.

The walls of our home do not interfere with the absorption of signs that emit our router, but it is true that there are materials (and objects) that can hinder our connection.

For example, many times we have had the router near our wireless phone or of a mirror. This is because interference from the phone or the material the mirrors are made from causes radio waves interfere or bounce in another direction making the signal difficult.

Also, keep close to our device floors or even fish tanks they can also hinder the transmission of waves.

If you use aluminum foil in the router, you improve the signal

One of the myths about WiFi that may seem like a botch, but even if it seems like a joke is cash.

For this remedy to be effective, it is necessary to take into account a advice we recently gave: position the antennas of our router to make a effective connection.

This type of paper would be placed on the antennas of our device, because metal the emitted signals would be reflected and, therefore, intensified. It must be said that this does not mean that the signal range it’s not going to increase, we just are redirecting.

Improve your Wi Fi connection

Put aside those myths about WiFi that you can see in various forums or that your friends tell you and bet on one quality connection.

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