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Dreame T30: the Review!

Dreame T30: the Review!

Dreamea company part of the Xiaomi Ecosystem that develops high-end products, has decided to focus everything on power, reliability and style with the brand new wireless vacuum cleaner T30. Let’s find out how it behaves in our review!


The vacuum cleaner Dreame T30 comes in a nice, compact and super-organized box that holds the vacuum cleaner and a myriad of accessories. Space optimization, portability and compactness are the watchwords here.

Inside the box, in addition to the vacuum cleaner, we will find many accessories, which will make Dreame T30 perfect for any type of situation.

Among brushes of all types, extensions, hoses, electric brushes and precision nozzle with LED light you are spoiled for choice. A complete equipment, combined with a truly impeccable build quality, make Dreame T30 a high-end product.



Dreame T30 comes in a compact and robust body, all in all light, in a very elegant anthracite gray color. The shapes are the classic ones, with a comfortable handle and relative trigger, and the dust collection tank positioned on the front, between the handle and the suction nozzle.

The tank is located just below the motor unit, and can be emptied easily by operating the side button.

In the lower part we find the large battery, which also acts as a counterweight, making the vacuum cleaner very balanced and comfortable to use.

The feeling you get by using Dreame T30, but even just looking at it, is that of an extremely refined, solid and reliable product. The design with attention to the smallest details allows to reduce overall dimensions and make the instrument as easy and comfortable to use.

The same quality of the body is also found in the many accessories that come with it, starting with the wonderful extension tube made of real carbon fiber.

Sturdy and incredibly light, the extension tube is the main accessory to which adapters, brushes and hoses can be attached.

The range of accessories is completed by the large and small electric brushes, the precision nozzle with LED light, extensions and brushes for curtains / sofas, all in the same color as the main body. Inside the package there is also a convenient wall base to store and recharge Dreame T30 without taking up too much space in the house.


In addition to aesthetics and build quality, the question that really matters for a vacuum cleaner is: how does it clean?

Low weight and well-designed accessories, combined with a powerful motor, make Dreame T30 a perfect ally for domestic cleaning, and more. Each accessory works very well for the category for which it is created, starting with the innovative roller brush with V designhigher than normal and with different textures, able to capture all types of dirt preventing hair and hair from getting tangled in the process.

For someone like me who has a pet at home, this brush is a real godsend. During use it has never happened to me that the brush gets jammed, but in any case it is possible to remove the roller to remove any residues or wash it.

The brush sucks up any type of dirt well, even particles larger than the classic dust, including pebbles, crumbs etc., even if it tends to flow with more resistance on hard floors.

Another very interesting accessory is the mini electric brush, which recalls the design of its older sister but is much more comfortable for small surfaces, such as sofas or beds.

Dreame T30, in addition to being a valid ally for domestic cleaning, also comes in handy for cleaning the car. There precision nozzleequipped with a very comfortable LED light, allows you to vacuum dust and debris from the car with enviable power, better than any car vacuum cleaner.

To simplify our cleaning routine even more are the flexible and extendable tubes, which allow you to get to any point with extreme ease and precision, whether it is to pass under the bed or reach the highest point of a tent.

The idea of ​​the flexible joint is excellent, to be added between the body and the extension tube to allow a bend angle such as to easily reach low and hidden points. My back thanks every time.

smart functions

Dreame T30 is not equipped with bluetooth modules and is not able to connect to a device, but focuses on effectiveness and ease of use.

T30 accommodates a large color displayfrom which it is possible to select one of the four suction modes:

In automatic mode the vacuum cleaner will automatically recognize the level of dust present on the floor, increasing or decreasing the power and showing a graph in real time on the display.

The adaptive technology also recognizes the type of surface and always guarantees the best degree of cleaning, keeping an eye on battery life.

The only two buttons present allow you to switch from one mode to another and to lock the trigger in position, thus avoiding having to keep it pressed all the time. This feature is useful for long cleaning sessions.

In addition to the level of dust, the display will always show the remaining time we have available with the battery, which will vary in real time according to the mode.

There duration of 90 minutes is in line with what is stated, if you use the auto or eco mode, and avoiding motorized accessories. Using the latter, the duration decreases slightly, always remaining widely acceptable. For the use I make of it (floors, sofas, car) I have always had a great time with the automatic mode. The turbo mode releases the maximum available power, at the expense of noise and battery, but given the already very high suction capacity of the other modes, you will use it very rarely.

Dreame T30 is also equipped with washable and removable HEPA filters. Periodic cleaning of filters and motor extends the life of the vacuum cleaner and allows you to capture all harmful particles even better.


Dreame T30 is an extremely valid wireless vacuum cleaner, which is placed in a lower price range than more well-known and renowned models, but which offers truly top performance. An elegant and functional design, combined with power and excellent build quality make the T30 a worthy cleaning companion.

Dreame T30 is available on Amazon at a price of € 459.99.