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Digital design has no secrets with Artboard Studio

Digital design has no secrets with Artboard Studio

Designing is an art that, luckily for everyone, has high quality technical tools that break the barrier between the professional and the amateur.

In the image culture that we live in, design is essential to stand out and attract attention, both personally and professionally. On a commercial level, the competition is such that without a good image it is difficult to reach the public. And that’s where design has the last word.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows anyone to design, layout or retouch images or content with the help of digital tools infinitely more powerful than the first Photoshop of 1990 and also much easier to use, with most functions virtually automated and some even with free material that we can benefit from for our own creations.

Previously, in SamaGame.com we have talked about several of these solutions, some of them available online to use directly from the web browser. names like Canvas or gravity they are well known. Among its features, they allow you to do everything in minutes, they have your own content catalog to nurture our creations and their results are professional even if we do not have the necessary knowledge.

Today we review another of these geniuses, Artboard Studioa design tool for designers and non designers that allows you to work with images, graphics and content of all kinds comfortably and without complications.

everything by hand

Compatible with any modern browser, Artboard Studio it works like any other graphical editor. Around a blank canvas where we will place the content with which we are going to work, the tools with which we will work are placed on the left hand and on the right hand, elements that we will use constantly as layers or properties of the objects on the screen.

As with any application of the kind, we can work on several projects at the same time, which are organized by tabs within Artboard Studio. What’s more, tools unfold when we need them showing at a glance everything we may need.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t have our own material to start working with. Artboard Studio has its own catalog of mockups and stock images, some free and others paid, to mess around or to do definitive work. In addition, it integrates with third party services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailchimp, WordPress or Photoshop.

And in addition to finished projects, Artboard Studio makes it easy to present them by interactive presentations that facilitate the task of “selling” a design or product before creating it through interactions and moving schemes.

Another advantage of this tool is that it allows teamworksince it facilitates the task of sharing a project, making annotations or indications, following the changes…

As its creators themselves indicate, we can use this design tool for packaging design, UX and UI projects, illustration, creation of banners or promotional material, online and offline marketing, e commerce…

To start working with Artboard Studio it is only necessary to register for free on their website. The basic version of this online app is free. In case you want to access all the functions, Arboard Studio is financed by monthly or yearly subscriptions.