Destiny: The first BANs are released for modified consoles

The party is over for everyone who owns a console Xbox360 modified and an illegal copy of Destiny. Bungie through its blog announced that it has implemented BAN for pirates with perennial expulsion from the game servers.

Bungie raises the red card for Destiny pirates

When we ban we do it in a way that is accurate and fair. We did a review last week and found that there are many accounts logging into Destiny with a modified console.

After the godsend as they say, if you have an Xbox360 with Destiny mastered, you may find yourself in a few hours or days a BAN that will deny you access to the game, which means having to trash the Bungie home title. Destiny as well as The Crew and many other titles, was conceived for the Online which means that it is not possible to play the game comfortably Offline, some believe and believe that it was a move of the house to counter piracy, a move that has not worked forcing Bungie to implement a mass ban.

Microsoft It could very well have banned consoles as it has done many times in the past but it is now focused on the One and therefore pirates are free to roam Xbox Live with their backup copies. An advice? If you intend to play Destiny Online, play it with ORIGINAL console and game.

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