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Dead Space 4 canceled? EA denies the news

Dead Space 4 canceled? EA denies the news

Yesterday, on the network, a rumor appeared, according to which EA it would have decided to cancel the saga once and for all Dead Space from the history of video games, stopping with the third chapter.

According to rumors, EA would have taken the drastic decision not to continue to carry on the Dead Space saga due to the sales of the third chapter that did not meet or exceed the expectations of the development team. Earlier today, EA officially denied these rumors by stating that Dead Space will not go the way of Medal of Honor.

Yesterday rumors were circulating on the net about the death of our team…. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they were really exaggerated.

These were the words of Dino Ignacio, member of Visceral Games, via Twitter. EA further added:

We are proud of the Dead Space brand, it remains a great IP for us and we have no reason to cancel it. Yesterday’s rumors are FALSE.

Following these statements, fans of the series can breathe a big sigh of relief, Dead Space will continue to live on next-generation consoles with other titles. If you have completed the third chapter, you will surely have noticed that the team has decided to leave something pending for a possible fourth chapter. As a fan of Dead Space, and after completing all 3 chapters, I can say with certainty that the best title of the saga is 2. In the third chapter I found too many coincidences with the Lost Planet saga, from the settings to the type of enemies not to mention the weak points and the climbing on the ice wall with a rope for this reason I was very disappointed with the setting that the team chose to adopt halfway through the game.

What do you think of Dead Space? Which title did you like the most? To you the comments