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Dead by Daylight arrives on consoles in June


Dead by Daylight arrives on consoles in June

The development studio Bhavior Digital and Starbreeze Studios announce that the 4 vs 1 horror game “Dead by Daylight”Will arrive on consoles starting June 23 in both digital and retail versions at a price of € 29.99.

Fear comes to consoles with Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a Friday the 13th inspired multiplayer horror game where one player plays the role of the Killer and the other 4 have to hide trying to survive and avoiding being captured, tortured and killed. The survivors play in third person and have the advantage of having a wider view, the Killer instead plays in first person and focuses his attention on the prey.

The Survivors’ goal is to escape without being captured by the Killer in a constantly changing scenario, while the Assassin’s is to identify, capture and obviously kill his targets. Those who purchase the RETAIL version will be able to take advantage of the following contents:

If you are interested in trying it you can find it already on STEAM, if instead you play on consoles, you just have to wait for June to get your hands on this new horror game focused on multiplayer.