Coronavirus: How often to clean your smartphone and how

THE health officials they are urging people to to clean often theirs electronic devices to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

We regularly touch surfaces with our hands, but perhaps the objects we handle most frequently are our electronic devices such as smartphone, smartwatch, headphones and the peripherals of the PC. Authorities have already said we should wash our hands with soap and water for at least 40 seconds, but what should we do when it comes to our devices? Let’s see how to proceed to clean it smartphone.

How long does the coronavirus last on objects?

At the moment it is not known how long the coronavirus can survive on the surface, but studies related to viruses such as Sars have shown that i germs they can resist on any object from a number of hours to several daysdepending on the type of surface, temperature and humidity.

How often should you clean your phone?

A previous study conducted by Public Health England found fecal material (which can cause gastrointestinal infections) on most commonly touched surfaces, including smartphones. William Keevilprofessor of environmental health atSouthampton Universityhe warned: “You could wash your hands, but if you start touching the smartphone screen and then touch your face, this is a potential route of infection.”

How should you clean your phone?

According to most major phone manufacturers, such as Apple And Samsungyou should avoid using alcohol or wipes antibacterial. The main concern is that i harsh chemicals can damage the protective coating on the phone screen, which in turn could make it easier for germs to attach to the surface. Instead, they recommend using a soft cloth, slightly damp and lint-free. They suggest hot, soapy water, but point out that it’s important to avoid humidity in the charging port and other openings. Most modern phones are water resistant, but there are never too many precautions.

Products such as smartphone wipes ZEISS they will do their job as they are specifically designed for the touch screen. Thoroughly cleaning the screen, sides and back with these types of wipes and washing your hands properly should help minimize germs.

phone cleaning kit
  • Zeiss wipes for mobile screensThese wipes have been specially developed for the gentle and effective cleaning of mobile screens. Cleaning will remove fingerprints and smudges from everyday use and will not leave streaks or residue.
  • PhoneSoapPhoneSoap is a tanning bed for your phone, which uses UV-C light to essentially sanitize your mobile device. The company claims it can kill microorganisms hiding in crevices where cleaning wipes can’t reach.
  • Betron screen cleaning kitThis simple cleaning kit comes with a 100ml screen cleaning solution, a fine microfiber cloth and a brush. The brush and cloth are perfect for penetrating those hard-to-reach places on your smartphone.
  • YuCool Cleaning KitThis cleaning kit includes a large selection of brushes and pads, antibacterial wipes and a cleaning cloth. With 20 foam pads, two cleaning brushes and six soft bristled brushes, you will have no problem doing a deep cleaning on your phone.
  • Ecomoist Natural Screen CleanerThis non-alcoholic solution comes with a microfiber cloth that will not damage the screen, while being antibacterial and antistatic. The solution promises to remove all dirt, grease and kill screen based germs.