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Consoles consume more than PCs.

Consoles consume more than PCs.

There Natural Resources Defense Council says consoles dramatically increase electricity consumption.
Even the study on electricity consumption of electrical devicesof the Australian company Choicehad indicated that in the lead of all mastered the PS3followed by plasma TVs and then PC monitors.

After analyzing the consumption of the PS3, Xbox 360 (Microsoft), Wii (Nintendo), from the researches of the Natural Resources Defense Council, it emerges that 50% of users who own a console take advantage of the standby mode to keep the device running continuously. In doing so, American videogamers spend 16 billion kilowatt hours per year, which would be the equivalent of the consumption of the city of San Diego. Exaggerated, huh?

The console that most of all raises our bills is right there PS3 with 150 watts And 160 dollars the year ($ 15 in standby), follows the Xbox 360 with 119 watts And 143 dollars ($ 14 in standby) and concludes the Wii with only 16 watts of consumption And 10 dollars ($ 3 in standby).

What to do ? Well, other than buying a Wii and turning it off completely once used, it seems obvious to me. Using the function energy savingthere might be a savings of approximately $ 1 billion. Not to mention that ours too environmentwe would be grateful, avoiding the issue of 7 million tons of CO2.