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Conecta Employment Courses, free digital training returns

Conecta Employment Courses, free digital training returns

Like every quarter, Fundación Telefónica’s digital training program has renewed the free Connect Employment courses it offers. In this batch you can register until September 30.

We have been two years in which the COVID 19 health crisis has promoted new ways of digital training, totally remote and without strict schedules. In addition, it has promoted the hiring of remote workers, and especially of positions focused on technology in our country. That is why from Conecta Empleo a whole battery of courses aimed at promoting digital skills is made available to anyone. And it does so in order to facilitate an adequate insertion in the world of work.

From SamaGame we bring you a small compilation of the most interesting courses of this call.

Conecta Employment Courses

Communication and collaboration in the Digital Age

First of all, we bring you the fifth edition of this course that focuses on helping classical teachers understand the potential of communication in digital environments. Different network communication tools will be analyzed, digital communication strategies and the most relevant characteristics of each online community will be explored. In addition, different collaborative work tools will be explored.

Creation of Digital Content in the Educational Environment

From Conecta Empleo they offer us this course that aborts everything related to the creation of educational digital content. We live in a time when this is an indispensable tool for any teacher. The course explains different tools for the preparation of digital materials and touches on topics as relevant as copyright on the Internet.

Programming courses from zero to java

There is no doubt that programming, or at least understanding the logic of programming, is an essential tool for working in digital environments. Conecta Empleo has a range of essential programming courses for digital development.

Have you been interested in any of the courses we have mentioned? Then do not hesitate to sign up for any of them to improve your digital skills or search for other courses on the Conecta Empleo website. What are you an expert in the field? Great! Why don’t you share this post with someone you think might be interested? I’m sure he thanks you.