Celebrate this World eBook Day with Living Apps, a digital window on reading

We open melon: paper or electronic book? As with everything in life, there are different opinions. There are those who dream of having their own library at home (and that this becomes their recording set for work video calls) and others have simply discovered the wonderful world of eBooks and they do not contemplate a return to the origins.

Everything is valid, of course. Nevertheless, the pandemic has been a turning point in this eternal debate. Just like indicated the Economist in 2021: The Spanish language electronic book market worldwide (excluding textbooks and academic books) reached 115.7 million euros in 2020: 75 million in Spain”. So we can’t ignore the fact that this phenomenon has become a digital window that, although it doesn’t take you to Narnia, gives way to an infinity of advantages.

For this reason interest in the eBook is growing. However, we are aware that the beginnings are difficult and entering the world of electronic books can be difficult at first, especially for the most reluctant. Therefore, thanks to Movistar Plus+ Living Apps, We give you and the little ones a little push to adapt to digital culture. How? With our selection of Living Apps of Podcasts and children’s stories.

Start taking your first steps with the Podcasts Living Apps, a digital window on culture

balance, podcasts are a fantastic source of cultural entertainment that you can enjoy in digital format to get used to new consumer trends. Now you can access them on your Movistar Home. Where can you find podcasts and video podcasts to enjoy it in a big way? It is as simple as entering the Movistar Plus+ main menu, through the UHD decoder either UHD Smart Wi Fi Set Top Box and access the section “Apps”. Once inside, you can browse the Podcasts street and start enjoying.

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Because yes, the podcasts represent a bridge between the consumption of traditional and digital culture that will prevent you from hyperventilating when you imagine your library empty as a result of the rise of the eBook. And speaking of hyperventilating, Marie Kondo fans will be relieved to know you have all the podcasts collected in a single space.

Podcasts that travel from the most educational to the purest entertainment. For example, you can learn English with Duolingo, improving your listening skills through its “Stories in English” section. Or you can enjoy the variety of content offered iVoox, the Living App in which you will find different categories of podcasts so that you can choose the topic that you most want to listen to at any given time. And if what you really want is to put yourself in the shoes of protagonists who tell the reality of their stories and experiences, then UNIQ is for you. In it you will find interviews with relevant characters that will make you empathize and understand all those aspects that are not usually told and that coexist parallel to their fame.

For the little ones, children’s stories

In the same way, within the Living Apps, your digital window to reading, you can access children’s stories. Look for the Pirates of Tales Living App with your traditional remote or open it through the Movistar Plus+ Voice Command, pressing the button “Aura” and saying: “Open The Pirates of Tales”. Also, if you prefer, you can also access this universe full of stories and fantasy through your device Movistar Homecontrolling the content being played: pausing, resuming or skipping to a specific minute.

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Did you know that the attention span of children between 0 and 3 years old does not exceed 10 minutes? That is why the contents of Pirata de Cuentos have a duration that ranges between 5 and 7 minutes., an ideal time for the little ones not to lose concentration on their favorite stories. Narrated and illustrated stories with simple animations that invite children to follow the thread of what they are listening to. In addition, the Living App about children’s stories tries to modernize the adventures of our traditional characters: Cinderella, the wolf and the four little kids or the cicada and the ant are some of the new versions of these fantastic stories.

Indeed, in the same way that everything changes at stratospheric speeds under the umbrella of digitization, the way of telling stories has also evolved. Thus, this new digital window allowsthe smallest of the house can listen to traditional stories without even knowing how to read. They just have to sit on the sofa, make themselves comfortable and open their ears wide. No matter how old you are, with the Living Apps you will discover another way to enjoy reading. What are you waiting for?