Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC Details!

Amazontoday, has revealed some very interesting information regarding the first DLC for Call of Duty Black OPS II named Revolution.

The new DLC will include 4 new multiplayer maps and a fifth reserved for zombie mode with the addition of a new weapon called the Peacekeeper SMG. We have been talking about this new content for several days, several images have also appeared on the web that prove its existence even if Activision she has not yet unbuttoned herself on the subject.

The maps that we will find inside the DLC according to Amazon, are the following:


Large map boasting a dam that can be used against enemies


Medium-sized map set on the French Alps consisting of plants in the center of it and a chalet in a strategic position


Map set in a skate park in Venice, California


Map set in the Gobi Desert, players will be able to use the sand dunes to shelter from opponents’ blows, in the center of the map there is a sanctuary

Die Rise

Map reserved for Zombie mode, set in CHINA

Finally, as last but not least content, we find the Peacekeeper SMG, a very powerful and precise submachine gun

According to Amazon, the launch is set for January 29, 2013 for a cost of 1200 microsoft points or free for those who have purchased the Season Pass. As you know, the Season Pass, which costs around 40 euros, allows you to download all future DLCs at a discounted cost. In addition, those who purchase the Seaon Pass can benefit from various promotions and initiatives.

What do you think of this new DLC? Are the maps to your liking? Are you ready to wreak havoc on your opponents in these awesome new multiplayer maps? Which is your favorite and why? To you the comments and personal considerations!