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AT&T drops unlimited data plans

AT&T drops unlimited data plans

AT&T revealed the new data plan prices yesterday in a press release that removes the unlimited data plan that many enjoy. The good news for those who already have an unlimited data plan is that you can keep your current plan, even after upgrading your hardware.

MobileCrunch notes that the potential stimulus for some of the changes was “offering a cheaper option to light users, while restricting heavy users, which in turn helped ease the load on their struggling network.”

Here’s BoyGeniusReport’s abbreviated changelog from AT & T’s press release:

Data Plus

200MB of data for $ 15 per month. AT&T says this will be enough data to meet the needs of 65% of its smartphone users. If you exceed the 200MB limit, AT&T will charge you $ 15 for 200MB of overages.


2GB of data for $ 25 per month. According to AT&T, only 2% of its smartphone customers manage to pass more than 2GB of data per month. Exceed the limit and you will be charged $ 10 per GB.


Smartphone users who want connection and have a DataPro plan can add the feature for $ 20 per month. This means that you will share 2GB between your phone and your laptop for $ 45 a month. Not great at all, but remember this: a 5GB data card plan costs $ 60 per month. This means that with surplus you can have 5GB of smartphone and connection data for $ 75 and you will not have to worry about two contracts. Oh, and Tethering for iPhone will be available when Apple releases iPhone OS 4 this summer. It was time.


The $ 29.99 unlimited data plan for the iPad has not escaped the cut. Starting June 7, new iPad customers will have two options: $ 15 for 250MB and $ 25 for 2GB of data. Any iPad customer who wants to stick to the $ 30 unlimited plan is free to do so, but AT&T hopes that most people will choose to save $ 5 and switch plans.

The new plans will go into effect on June 7, according to the Engadget article.

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Image MobileCrunch