Apple: the official denial regarding Move to Android arrives

Only yesterday, we talked about the possibility that Apple could develop an application intended for all those who wish to migrate from iOS operating system to the Android one. The news, replied by several websites, was today denied by theagency.

Apple: Move to Android won’t happen

The spokesperson of the Cupertino company, Trudy Mullercategorically excludes a perspective of this type, underlining the fact that Apple is still focused only on the passage of users from Android to iPhone (thanks to Move to iOSavailable on Play Store).

In light of these statements, it therefore seems that no such project will be achieved by the company (at least for the moment), while taking into account the possible risk of complaints for unfair competition and the protests of operators in the telecommunications field.

We will see how the situation evolves and, if there are further changes in this regard, we will keep you updated.