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Android 12: New Privacy functions

Android 12: New Privacy functions

Android 12 boasts a handful of news related to privacy that should be explored. Some of them are hidden and automatic, like the new one Private Compute Core (sandbox) that allows certain types of processing to take place in an isolated environment on the device. But others are more on the surface and it is up to the user to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that for now Android 12 is only available on phones Pixelonce available on other devices, indications may vary.

Privacy Dashboard

And the command center which allows you to see how the different apps access data. From the Dashboard you can deepen any specific functionality of the device and get one timeline which indicates exactly which Apps accessed that function and when.

sensors ACCESS indicators

Whenever an App accesses the phone’s camera or microphone, even if only in the background, Android 12 will place a indicator icon in the upper right corner of the screen that corresponds to the exact access mode. The icon remains visible for about a second, after which the indicator changes to a tiny green dot. Scrolling down will show thelist of functions involved in the transaction.

sensor buttons

Last but not least is a new series of buttons that allow the user to turn off the sensors of the device with a single touchsuch as the camera, microphone or GPS sensor.