An update is coming to Edge to fix a common problem

For a long time, browsers Web they have a feature that can get frustrating at times. Dragging and dropping a file into a browser tab will open the files in a tab.

This is obviously correct if that’s what you want to do, but it can be a annoying mistake if you were trying to drop a file into an upload box. Thankfully, Google Chrome And Microsoft Edge they are working to fix the problem.

The big problem with this behavior is that it’s not there any warnings on what action will happen. You could try dropping something into a box to upload a file to a web page or just dropping a file accidentally while dragging it across the screen. Either way, the page will jump to the local file without warning, potentially causing you to lose progress on a possible form.

The developer of Microsoft EdgeEric Lawrence, detailed a change coming to Edge, and in the future Chrome, to solve this problem. By default, the browser will no longer open the file in the current tab if you drop it on the page.