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Amazon Geek Store, here is the new nerd-proof online shop

Amazon Geek Store, here is the new nerd-proof online shop

It opened a couple of months ago and is already a frequent stop for lovers of the genre: it is the Geek Store by Amazon, the new section full of gadgets, collectibles and objects dedicated to those who love everything that falls within the definition of “nerd”.

Whether you are inveterate binge-watchers, devourers of comics, cosplayers or fans of any genre, you will not fail to take a tour of this store. Organized into categories such as Electronics, Video Games, Clothing, DVDs, Toys and Home Gadgetsthe Amazon store dedicated to geeks in fact also offers numerous sections that perfectly reveal the public to which it is intended, such as the space dedicated to cosplaythe one for the zombieone for vintage video games, and there is no shortage of category either “Unicorns” (!).

Then there are the more classic sections dedicated to t-shirts, mugs, Funko miniatures and much more, surrounded by offers dedicated to this or that brand (eg Marvel, DC, Pokémon). The Geek Mix is ​​also offered to users every monththat is a selection of products chosen by a blogger or a site of the sector and dedicated to a character, a film or a comic that are proposed bundled at a discounted price. At the time of writing, the Geek Mix of the month is dedicated to Star Wars in honor of the release of Rogue One, with various products chosen by Lega Nerd and proposed to € 275 instead of 391 €.

Ultimately the Geek Store is nothing more than a showcase for products that have always been on Amazon, but which in this way certainly acquire more visibility, giving us the possibility to easily find what we are looking for. Of course, the choice will not satisfy everyone and the enthusiast looking for the rare gem will probably find it elsewhere, but the wide range of more than 600,000 objects will make many users happy who will surely come across what they were looking for. Happy surfing, nerd.