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A new Chromecast model may be arriving soon


A new Chromecast model may be arriving soon

ORevery device that arrives in the hands of consumers passes through the first Federal Communications Commission, with most documents containing little information about their functionality. The latest device of this type is made by Google and is believed to be a new one Chromecast.

First spotted by Android Policethe new FCC document reveals a wireless streaming device with model number GJQ9T. It was filed on July 20 and received FCC clearance on 5th August. There is actually nothing in the document that indicates anything like the description of the Chromecastexcept the description “multimedia streaming device ”.

However, if the timing release of the document is indicative, it could be a new iteration of one of the best Chromecast devices. Around this time of last year, some documents FCC had disclosed two models of Google devices, one of which bearing the model number GZRNL and described as a “interactive multimedia streaming device“. The other had a model number G9N9N, described as a “wireless device”. A month later, Google announced the Chromecast with Google TV.