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4 races that are necessary to build the metaverse

4 races that are necessary to build the metaverse

Building the metaverse is no easy task. Talents are required to devise even the smallest detail so that the user can enjoy a virtually identical virtual experience or, at least, very similar to the one we get in the real world. Many of the companies working on the development of a virtual world have been expanding their staff for months with new positions suitable for this task. But, what kind of races are needed to build the metaverse?

The virtual world, let’s remember, is made up of different layers that, coincidentally, have a lot in common. An infrastructure is needed to be able to make the different metatarsals work. Also a human interface, such as virtual reality devices. Or even decentralization systems and a layer of experiences, so that the user can enjoy the metatverse. Well, for each of these layers there is a specialized position.

At the human interface layer, hardware engineers capable of creating products tailored for the virtual world are needed. Software engineers or other positions focused on virtual reality and augmented reality are also needed. And, of course, careers specializing in virtual security. Let’s take a closer look at the different positions needed to build the metaverse.

Hardware engineers to build the metaverse

One of the layers of the metaverse is centered on the hardware, because equipment is needed, such as virtual and augmented reality glasses, screens, computers, etc., so that the user can interact with the virtual world. The creation of these devices, however, would not be possible without hardware engineers.

They are in charge of planning design and develop the aforementioned equipment and also the components of these with technical specifications powerful enough to be able to execute programs, services and platforms focused on building the metaverse. For example, a hardware engineer specializing in screens would have the mission of creating a panel with technology and resolution high enough to allow the user to have a more immersive experience and make him believe, therefore, that he is navigating in a world virtual.

Another important task for hardware engineers who can help build the metaverse is identify, manage and solve problems related to these devices in different areas. In any case, all these tasks can be carried out through the formation of university degrees such as computer and computer engineering.

Experts and researchers in software and, specifically, in virtual reality and augmented reality

Another position necessary to be able to build the metaverse is the dand software engineers. They work in a similar way to the hardware ones, but in this case, focused on the planning and development of virtual platforms and services, as well as systems focused on virtual reality and augmented reality. In this way, they can work on creating areas for the metaverse or even designing a virtual world of their own.

Software engineers also work side by side with hardware engineers, since close collaboration is needed so that the devices are adapted to the software. For example, a manufacturer’s virtual reality glasses might require an operating system completely adapted to the format of its screen or that is optimized so that the processor of that viewer is capable of performing any task with total fluidity.

Other tasks of the software engineers is to be in charge of testing the virtual applications that they have previously developed to build the metaverse. They must also be able to detect and fix failures, bugs or other compatibility issues.

Experts in virtual security

The metaverse is not free from being hackedand despite the fact that technologies that promise greater security and privacy for users will be used, such as blockchain technology, it is likely that, once we see the metaverse in action, cybercriminals will start campaigns with the aim of deceiving Internet users and stealing your data or even disrupt systems to render them inoperable.

The cybersecurity experts, therefore, they must be able to detect and block any threat, as well as design security measures. Those responsible for virtual security could also be able to decide some of the rules of this construction of the metaverse. Above all, those focused on the area of ​​privacy in front of the user. For example, preventing personal data from being shared publicly or avoiding actions that may result in acts of hate or violence.

Experts in digital marketing to build the metaverse

The metaverse promises to be a golden opportunity for brands and companies. Meta and other companies promise this virtual world as a place where users they will be able to buy products for their avatars, attend concerts, carry out activities, etc. Currently, all brands, whether they are technological or not, want to be in the metaverse. Therefore, a digital marketing expert is another of the essential positions to build the metaverse.

They can handle a lot of tasks. Among them, the management, promotion and planning of events within the metaverse, advertising campaigns, the creation of areas where you can exhibit and sell your products, etc. Digital marketing experts could also be in charge of designing areas to build the metaverse to attract potential customers and users. All this, through analysis and studies that allow us to identify market opportunities.