4 platforms based on microlearning to learn from now

There’s a productivity tip who says that to face a large task or project, it is best to divide it into smaller portions that are easier to cover. The classic divide and conquer. In education, this advice can also be applied. If you have a study material that saturates you, chop it up, split it up, create small units of knowledge that you can learn in minutes. This is how microlearning could be defined.

Microlearning is a very popular learning modality in elearning. It consists of learning any subject from its partitioning into small modules, easier to digest. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of the time dedicated, adapt the course or subject of study to the schedule available to the student and, in short, learn in less time and with more comfort. They are all advantages.

The popularity of microlearning has facilitated its dissemination on many online platforms that offer courses to learn on your own. Unlike a traditional online course, the content offered through microlearning allows it to be “consumed” in small doses, depending on the time the student has. In addition, it offers all the advantages of e learning: without schedules, with multimedia content, total autonomy for the student but with the possibility of contacting the teacher, etc.


More than 90 online courses related to business and technology. To study on your own or with your co workers. GoSkills is an elearning platform based on microlearning. As its motto says, “Your potential is limitless. Your learning should be too.” So if you have a minimum level of English and some time, you can start learning with this platform.

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Among the features offered by GoSkills for make it easy for you highlights the possibility of following the courses from your smartphone or other connected device, decide yourself how much time you dedicate per day, or per week, to the course depending on your availability, decide how many lessons you follow at each moment, focus on the topics that interest you most, track your progress, and earn a certificate upon completion.

As usual in this type of platform, GoSkills tells you the level of the course, if you need a previous requirements, the duration of the course videos, the time you will need to study all the course material and who is the instructor. You will also see the possible certificates to request if you pass the course.


Another interesting platform related to microlearning is EdApp, which also fulfills two functions. On the one hand, it is a space where you will find more than 800 online courses. And on the other hand, it allows you to create your own online courses based on microlearning and with gamification functions.

Let’s focus on your course catalog. You will find dozens of categories full of material to learn anything dedicating the time you consider necessary. Yes, the content is practically everything in englishso you will need to know this language to take advantage of the platform.

Every course comes rated and reviewed for those who have studied it. You can take a look at it before signing up, there are paid and/or free ones, they are divided into themes or modules and can be followed from any screen, including smartphones. Another of its advantages is that it combines microlearning with gamification, so you will find practical activities with which to familiarize yourself with the learned content.

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HubSpot Academy

Available in several languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, HubSpot Academy It is a platform that provides courses and certifications who wants to participate in online learning or elearning. In addition, most courses are free and short, so they are designed for those who have little time available.

This microlearning based platform is packed with content related to marketing, sales, services and other topics such as data privacy or web design and development. The courses have no time limit, you can register for free and consist of videos and teaching material. That and some other test to check that you have achieved the objectives of the course.


In Crehana there are more than 1,000 online courses related to more than 18 professional categories: photography and video, administration and finance, graphic design, personal development, marketing, productivity and software, 3D modeling and animation… And the best of all is that courses are available in Spanish so you can enjoy them in that language without problems.

Courses can be taken paying per course or subscribing to the platform, also paid, which gives you access to all the courses. With no start or end date, you decide when you start and the time you dedicate to it during the week. Each course is divided into modules and these into classes. so you can organize according to time of each class and thus “attend” two or three, based mainly on practical videos and complementary material.

At the end of each course Crehana, you can get a certificate. A way to accredit your knowledge officially. On the other hand, courses can be Individual or team through your company. And if you have any questions, you can solve it in its online help section.

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