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4 Google Workspace Tips for Working with Remote Computers

4 Google Workspace Tips for Working with Remote Computers

Since many companies are considering the best way to keep teams connected when they cannot all be in the same location, the Google workspace provides video conferencing, group chat and document collaboration applications that make it easy to work remotely anywhere. The impact of COVID-19 ended up transforming the reality of thousands of workers in unprecedented ways, bringing to the fore a highly relevant issue that is increasingly debated: is it possible to work from home or do we have to be stuck in place work to be productive?

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Google Workspace offers a set of tools that help work teams collaborate faster and more intuitively.

Best practices for working from home with Google Workspace

It doesn’t matter if you’re working remotely due to the Covid: 19 pandemic or embracing the lifestyle of a digital nomad working from anywhere in the world, we’ll share some of our top tips below, including how to take advantage of the tools at Google workspace to maximize productivity and collaboration when working with remote teams. Check!

1. Edit team files in real time

Want to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files with your remote team members? No need to send files multiple times via email and handle multiple attachments. Use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to edit with others in real time, chat through files, and receive feedback based on comments. Since changes are automatically saved, team members always have access to the latest versions.

2. Give presentations remotely

When you can’t find your team in person, use Google Meet to present slides, documents, and other files in a video call. You can also record video calls so that people in other time zones can watch them later, and you can also turn on subtitles to view recordings without sound.

Present during a video call Record a video call Use subtitles in a video call Have a question and answer session Host large events remotely

3. Broadcast the latest information to teams or large groups

Web pages are an easy way to share information with many people. You can choose your target audience and control when updates are posted. If you want the content to be available to your organization or audience, create a Google Sites website and embed documents, spreadsheets, slides, and other files from Drive.

Create a site Insert files into a site Share files publicly Publish files as web pages

4. Gather information from clients or team members.

Do you intend to collect information from large groups, such as internal teams or external customers? With Google Forms, you can create and review surveys on your smartphone or web browser. Create a customer satisfaction survey, get feedback on large team documents, send a quick survey, and more. Then get notified when people respond, view survey results, and organize data with tables and graphs on forms or spreadsheets.

Final thoughts on the Google workspace

There is much to explore with Google workspace And, with so many apps, resources and plans offered, it is always easy to understand or exactly what you see included and what is the vantage of a paid plan on the free versions for personal accounts – which provides access to important tools such as Gmail, Drive and Docs , for instance.

However, we believe that Google Workspace is a great solution for professional or business users who:

You want an email address with your own domain; you don’t want to worry about exceeding storage limits; Cloud system; You need access to productivity apps; I want to facilitate collaboration between team members; I want to have control over things like user access, sharing, and security settings.

If your company intends to use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for collaboration and productivity, this could be a good bet, as Google Workspace is packed with features that make remote working easier and more integrated for his team. While you’ve been using apps like Gmail and Google Docs for a while, many of their most useful tools are still unknown and / or under-utilized.

The price also makes Google Workspace one of the most affordable suite of productivity solutions. Ultimately, Google’s service stands out relative to comparable solutions and could be a good option for small and medium teams.

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TO Break rooms at Google meeting can now be configured before calls with the help of google calendar. Last month, the Google announced a series of video conferencing features for customers in the education and business sectors.

Some of these features are now being released, including the ability to configure breakout rooms in Google meeting in advance, with the help of google calendar.

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