YouTube: 10 tips to discover on the platform

YouTube: 10 tips to discover on the platform

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

If you consume YouTube videos via desktop, keyboard shortcuts can improve your experience. Indeed, the platform has implemented several shortcuts to perform actions more quickly. Here are the main keyboard shortcuts available on YouTube:

  • F key: enable or disable full screen mode
  • T key: enable or disable cinema mode
  • M key: enable or disable sound
  • Space bar: play and pause video
  • Key C: enable or disable subtitles
  • Right arrow: advance the video 5 seconds
  • Left arrow: rewind the video 5 seconds

2. Lock the YouTube interface

In late 2023, YouTube launched a new feature that allows you to lock your screen when watching a video on mobile (or tablet), in order to avoid any mishandling that would cause an interruption. To enable the screen lock:

  • Access the desired video,
  • Click on the gear symbol to access the settings,
  • Press on Lock screen.

To unlock the screen, simply tap on the video and click the button Press to unlock.

3. Add a time limit

Are you the type of person who watches YouTube videos one after the other without noticing the time passing? YouTube has a solution to help you save on sleep! You can adjust your settings to add a reminder Take a Breakand thus limit your consumption. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to your YouTube app, then click on your profile picture (located at the bottom right), and click on the gear that symbolizes the settings (located at the top right),
  • Press on general settingsthen activate Remind me to take a break,
  • Select how often you want to remind yourself. So, if you choose 1 hour, YouTube will suggest you take a break every hour that passes.

You also have the option to set up an evening reminder by activating “Let me know when it’s bedtime”.


4. Enable dark mode

If you’re used to dark mode on your apps, YouTube also offers this experience. To enable dark mode on mobile:

  • On the app, click on your profile picture, then on the cogwheel,
  • Choose general settingsthen click on Appearance,
  • Press on Dark theme to directly activate dark mode.

If you want to enable dark mode on browser, you can follow the procedure given in this article.

5. Create and send clips

YouTube offers a clips feature that allows you to cut out a portion of a video (between 5 and 60 seconds), so that you can isolate the passage that interests you, and share it with your loved ones. To do this:

  • Select the video you want, then locate and click the button Cliplocated in the action bar (which also contains the likes, dislikes, button Shareetc.),
  • Choose the extract of the video to isolate, by sliding the cursor at the appropriate moment, then add a title to your extract,
  • Click on Share the clip. You can then share the clip via WhatsApp, Messenger, X or copy the link.

Note that some content creators have disabled the ability to make clips from their videos.


6. Take a screenshot of a YouTube video

To take a screenshot from a YouTube video, simply pause the video at the moment you want to capture, then right-click, and move your mouse before right-clicking again. Finally, click Save video image as…to download the image in PNG format.

Tip: To capture a specific moment in the video, you can pause the content and use the comma key to scroll through the video frame by frame.

7. Download a YouTube video

There are several ways to upload a video to YouTube:

  • YouTube Premium Subscription: in subscribing you On the platform, you have the possibility to download content hosted on YouTube in order to benefit from it even when you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Online legal tools: There are several software programs that allow you to copy/paste a URL to download video content. However, be sure to respect the terms of use, which are most often limited to strictly personal use of the downloaded content.

Best Video Download Tools

8. Start a YouTube video at a specific time

Want to share a specific moment of a video with a loved one? It’s totally possible! Instead of sharing the classic URL of a video, you can add a code at the end of the URL, namely &t=XmXs, by replacing the X by the minutes and seconds concerned.

Another option: pause the video at the desired time, then click the button Share and check the box Start at X:X.

9. Use Picture-in-picture mode

If you are watching a YouTube video on your computer via a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), you have the option to activate the Picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to watch a video via a reduced player, while continuing to view other web pages. To do this, go to the video of your choice, then right-click and move your mouse slightly before right-clicking again. Then click on Picture-in-picture Or Enable picture-in-picture mode (depending on browsers). Your video appears in reduced size, and you can arrange it wherever you like on your screen.

On mobile, however, you will need to subscribe to YouTube Premium to benefit from Picture-in-picture mode, unless you reside in the United States.

10. Clear your YouTube history

To clear your history on the platform, nothing could be simpler:

  • On computer : In the menu bar on the left, click on Historicalthen press the button Clear all video history watched (to the right).
  • On mobile: Click on your profile, then locate the section Historical and click on Show all. Then press the three vertical dots located at the top right, and finally Clear all watch history.

You also have the option to enable an option that automatically deletes your watched videos and search history. To do this, go to My Activity pagethen click on Automatic deletion and choose the duration that suits you (deletion every 3, 18 or 36 months).

If you want to turn off history entirely, click the tab YouTube history is savedThen Disable And To suspend.