Why is it important to turn off your smartphone regularly?

Your smartphone accompanies you wherever you go. Versatile, it now acts as a GPS, MP3 player, alarm clock, calendar, encyclopedia or even a camera. Smartphones are simply omnipresent in our daily lives. So much so that many users never bother to turn off their famous companion. Yet they should.

In a best practices guide published by the NSAthe US National Security Agency, recommends turning off your smartphone at least once a week for increased security. We explain.

Take care of your smartphone, turn it off

As cyberattacks are on the rise, it is essential to do everything possible to better protect yourself. In its best practices guide, the NSA allows users to “better protect devices and personal information”.

The US National Security Agency is not stingy with advice and other recommendations. Among the best practices highlighted in this guide, it is recommended to turn off your smartphone once a week. This helps reduce the risks of being the victim of a “zero-click” hack, namely attacks that do not require clicking on a fraudulent link or downloading a malicious attachment. These “zero-click” attacks are particularly vicious because they silently infect the device without the victim having to take any action. These attacks exploit flaws in the validation or processing of data on your smartphone and then use flaws in data verification to infiltrate and strike better.

To reduce the risk of these vicious attacks, you should turn off your smartphone at least once a week. This simple habit would make it harder for hackers to steal information. Of course, this doesn’t make you unassailable. But it can minimize the risks, and that’s something.

Other tips from the NSA include regularly updating your smartphone apps and operating system. It is also recommended to avoid reconnecting to public networks, unless you use a VPN for better protection, and to always turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when you are not using them. When downloading an app, make sure to do so from a recognized or official store.

Of course, it is impossible to guarantee that these tips will make you completely invulnerable. Nevertheless, these recommendations help reduce the risks of hacking. It is always better than nothing.

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