Top 20 Most Popular Computer Languages ​​in July 2024

Top 20 Most Popular Computer Languages ​​in July 2024

In this month of July 2024, the TIOBE index, which evaluates the popularity of programming languages ​​on a monthly basis, has not seen any upheaval. Already well ahead, Python continues to widen the gap (+2.70% compared to July 2023) on its first pursuers C++ (-0.46%) and C (-2.08%). Java and C# complete the top 5.

The main change is Rust, which gains 4 places and rises to 13th position, “thus reaching its highest level ever recorded”contextualizes Paul Jansen. According to the CEO of TIOBE Software, this language, whose first version dates back to 2006, is gaining popularity among developers and should continue its rise in the coming months.

Following the recent support from the US government, which recommended the switch from C/C++ to Rust for security reasons, Rust is seeing its development accelerate. The community is growing and the number of third-party libraries and tools is increasing. In short, Rust is actively preparing to enter the top 10 of the TIOBE index, explains Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE Software.

Top 20 Most Popular Computer Languages ​​in July 2024

Rust isn’t the only language to see significant progress this month. So is Go, ranked 7th, which has firmly established itself in the top 10 by gaining six positions since July 2023. Further down the rankings, we also see notable progress for Kotlin (+6), Delphi/Object Pascal (+4) and Fortran (+2). Conversely, PHP, ranked 16th, and Assembly language, 18th, continue to fall. These two languages ​​have lost seven and four positions respectively in July 2024, and are now at the back of the pack. As a reminder, PHP had already recorded its lowest position last April.

Here are the 20 most popular computer languages ​​as of July 2024:

  1. Python (= same position as July 2023)
  2. C++ (+1)
  3. C (-1)
  4. Java (=)
  5. C# (=)
  6. JavaScript (=)
  7. Go (+6)
  8. Visual Basic (-1)
  9. Fortran (+2)
  10. SQL (-2)
  11. Delphi/Object Pascal (+4)
  12. MATLAB (-2)
  13. Rust (+4)
  14. Ruby (+2)
  15. Scratch (-3)
  16. PHP (-7)
  17. Swift (+1)
  18. Assembly language (-4)
  19. COBOL (+1)
  20. Kotlin (+6)

What are the TIOBE ranking criteria?

Updated monthly since the early 2000s, the TIOBE index assesses the popularity of programming languages ​​on the web. “It is important to clarify that the TIOBE index does not measure the quality of programming languages ​​or the quantity of lines written in each language.”specifies TIOBE Software. To determine this degree of popularity, the company measures the number of requests concerning each programming language on more than twenty search engines, including Google, Wikipedia, Bing and Amazon.