The Promised Land is coming to PC in July 2024



Sting announced the Riviera: The Promised Land remaster launches July 17 on PC via Steam worldwide. The remaster is currently available on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

15 years after its launch, Riviera: The Promised Land is back with a remaster on Nintendo Switch on February 29 in Japan. The remaster includes a number of major improvements, including high-speed mode, autosaves, and HD artwork. PC and mobile versions of Riviera: The Promised Land were announced shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, here’s a look at the remaster of our previous coverage:

The first entry in Department Heaven episodes, Riviera: The Promised Land, arrives on Switch in a remastered version. Various additional features have been implemented, significantly improving gameplay. From newcomers to returning players, it’s full of satisfying elements.

Main characteristics

  • Field exploration with simple controls.
  • A unique combat system in which skills are determined by the items you own.
  • Who will you befriend? An affection system that changes depending on your decisions.
  • More than 90 still illustrations that animate the event scenes.

The power to destroy everything… Cooperate with your companions to prevent the invocation of “Divine Punishment” and prevent the annihilation of Riviera!

Remastered Features

  • Change the background music between five different sound sources.
  • Play at up to 5x speed.
  • Skip the event scenes.
  • All illustrations are in high definition resolution.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Difficulty level and mode selection options increase gameplay.
  • The Boost function allows for rapid skill learning.
  • A more user-friendly interface.
  • Touch screen support.
  • Switch freely between Japanese and English voiceovers.
    • Note: The text is only in Japanese.
  • And more!