The 2 things to know about Noplace, the new social network that’s a hit

The 2 things to know about Noplace, the new social network that’s a hit

New platforms regularly emerge to compete with Facebook, TikTok, X, and other well-known social networks. And in recent days, a new application called Noplace has been making waves in the tech press, after it became accessible to everyone. Indeed, this social network had been in testing for a while, but it was only accessible by invitation. And those who wanted to test the new platform had to sign up for a waiting list.

But today, Noplace is available to everyone on iPhone (for now, no Android app). And as soon as the app was launched, it was a huge success. Indeed, according to Noplace CEO and founder Tiffany Zhong, the app reached number one in the App Store rankings. SamaGame reports that this app had 500,000 people on its waiting list as of June.

ladies and gentlemen, after a one letter hiatus, i am no longer a one-hit wonder

introducing noplace — #1 in the app store

— tz (tiffany zhong) (@tzhongg) July 3, 2024

1 – What is special about Noplace?

Noplace is a rather unique social network, since while the app is particularly targeted at young people, it is often described as a mix of MySpace and old Twitter. Why? Users have a multitude of options to customize their profile pages, are invited to highlight their interests, and can even create a Top 10 of their friends (a feature that is very reminiscent of My Space).

Hey girlys add me on no place let’s be friends there too. 💗✨ #noplace

— ✨Abbie ✨ (@Abbieb_king) July 8, 2024

On the other hand, the publication format is close to the old-school Twitter, since Noplace only allows you to post text. No photos or videos, for the moment. Another particularity of Noplace: it does not have an algorithm. Unlike almost all other platforms, it does not select the publications of the feed for you. The app offers two reverse chronological feeds: one for friends, and a global publication feed.

2 – Why Noplace could become the next successful platform?

While Noplace is off to a good start, despite still being available only on iOS, caution is still advised. In the past, many platforms have created a huge buzz at launch, only to fade into obscurity. And some social networks, such as Clubhouse or BeReal, have experienced declines when they were well on their way to becoming a major new platform.

However, there are also some elements that suggest that Noplace has a chance of becoming a viable alternative to Facebook, X, Instagram, etc. Indeed, Tiffany Zhong reported good engagement figures during the testing phase of Noplace. Otherwise, according to SamaGame, the founder of this social network is already aware of the fact that the next challenge for Noplace will be to remain relevant over time.

  • After its public launch, the new social network Noplace is creating a buzz
  • This one targets Gen Z, but offers a platform reminiscent of MySpace and the old Twitter, with news feeds without algorithms.
  • At the moment, Noplace would have good engagement figures.

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