Street Fighter 6 reveals the return of the Shadaloo Fighting Pass

Street Fighter 6 reveals the return of the Shadaloo Fighting Pass

Street Fighter 6 A “Return of Shadaloo” battle pass will arrive in July. This pass celebrates the release of M. Bison, stocking up on plenty of Shadaloo gear. This news comes from street fighterThe official X/Twitter account of.

The return of Street Fighter 6’s Shadaloo Fighting Pass celebrates the release of M. Bison

As usual, with battle passes, players can expect to equip plenty of avatar gear. A complete Shadaloo outfit is ready to equip to get users in the Shadaloo mood. Additionally, when you take a photo, you can see the Shadaloo soldiers saluting in the center of the frame. The device’s stickers, titles, and wallpaper also feature Shadaloo merchandise, with many of Shadaloo’s iconic members being stickers. Additionally, the playable classic game is people and the music of the pass consists of Street Fighter 5 Shadaloo Music.

Additionally, Bison fans will appreciate the emote provided in the pass. It shows the player avatar doing the iconic Bison tank using his psycho power.

Finally, the Fighting Pass description reads: “Welcome the return of the Shadaloo Fighting Pass this July to celebrate the return of M. Bison to Street Fighter 6! Starting this month, special effects for the New Challenger screen are included in rewards. You can also get standard items like avatar gear, titles, music, and Fighter Coins by completing levels and showing M. Bison that you’re worthy. »

Watch the trailer below, via Capcom:

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam and Xbox Series X|S.