Shadow of the Erdtree: New Shields Are Completely…

Shadow of the Erdtree: New Shields Are Completely…


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A new, powerful weapon has just been discovered in Shadow of the Erdree, here’s everything you need to know about it.

In Elden Ring, players are always looking for the edge in combat, whether it’s wielding giant swords or casting massive spells. However, the latest DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has turned the tables with his introduction of attack shields, a weapon that allows you to block and attack simultaneously.

Thrust Shields Transform Combat Strategy in Latest DLC

This new equipment, found in the Shadow Keep dungeon, allows players to attack while holding their shield, taking virtually no damage in return. It is a simple yet extremely effective variation, combining defense and attack in one fluid movement. With options to customize these shields for different damage types and the benefits of damage-enhancing talismans, they quickly became popular.

The Elden Ring community, especially on platforms like Reddit, has been very excited about how These shields can crush bosses, making even the toughest fights easySome players suggest that this makes combat almost too easy, allowing you to take hits with minimal stamina cost while dealing consistent damage.

The new thrust shields are the most powerful weapons in the entire game and it’s not even close. The NG+ DLC was completely destroyed. Thrust shields can be enchanted with any affinity/damage type, making them extremely versatile. And it’s so much fun to slap the grace out of every boss! by u/DamnHare in Eldenring

YouTube and Twitter have been flooded with videos and discussions about the effectiveness of thrust shields, with Many predict a nerf could be on the way because they allow players to almost completely ignore incoming attacks.

So, if you’re playing Elden Ring and looking for a new strategy, a thrust shield might be your ticket to dominating PvE and PvP battles. But enjoy it while it lasts: this type of power often balances out pretty quickly.