Roborock S8 Max V Ultra review: is it really the Rolls-Royce of robot vacuum cleaners?

Roborock S8 Max V Ultra review: is it really the Rolls-Royce of robot vacuum cleaners?


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Yes for its suction power

With a power of 10,000 Pa, the S8 Max V Ultra reaches new suction records in the Roborock family. It even ranks among the most efficient models on the market, all ranges combined. Concretely, this robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum up almost all the dirt found in a decent home: dust, crumbs, pet hair, hair, everything goes through it.

Beyond the power, The S8 Max V Ultra is distinguished by several innovative technologies. First, its dirt detection system which automatically adjusts the power depending on the surface. For example, it increases its suction power when climbing on a carpet.

Roborock S8 Max V Battery life test

Above all, its FlexiArm technology – a side brush deploys on the side of the robot – fixes the main flaw of robot vacuums: the S8 Max V Ultra can clean along baseboards, walls, in corners and around furniture with remarkable precision.

Taken together, all these improvements make the S8 Max V Ultra essential for anyone looking for a powerful and precise robot vacuum cleaner.

Yes for its effective washing

Roborock S8 Max V Ultra Navigation review

Against all expectations, the Roborock S8 Max V Ultra is not equipped with the formidable rotating mop system integrated into the Q Revo. Instead, Roborock is banking on its VibraRise 3.0 technology, based on a unique vibrating mop covering the entire rear surface of the robot. Roborock announces 4,000 vibrations per minute and ensures that this system has nothing to envy of that of the Q Revo Pro.

In fact, this is entirely correct. The S8 Max V Ultra is at least as good at cleaning as it is at vacuuming. In addition to its main mop, it has a small rotating mop also attached to an arm which unfolds to the side. After vacuuming, it can also scrub into every nook and cranny of the house.

Like previous generations, cleaning and suction power are adjustable in the companion app. The robot also detects when it is walking on a carpet and raises itself by 20 mm to avoid getting it wet. Once cleaning is finished, it returns to its base to wash the mop (by heating the water to 60°C) and dry it. The height of idleness, for your greatest happiness.

Yes for its intelligent navigation

Roborock S8 Max V Obstacle Detection Test

The Roborock S8 Max V Ultra integrates all of the manufacturer’s most advanced navigation technologies. In the program, a LiDAR module, an RGB camera on the front as well as a light sensor to find your way in dark environments. This cutting-edge equipment is associated with Reactive AI 2.0, artificial intelligence capable of spotting and identifying different obstacles (toys, animal excrement or hair, laundry etc.).

At this little game, the S8 Max V Ultra is very talented. The robot begins each cleaning by going around the rooms, then returns to the center, avoiding all obstacles. Only small cables still manage to trap him. It is therefore advisable to give the owner a quick tour before launching the beast, so as not to interrupt its cleaning cycle because of a damn iPhone cable or a shoelace that is a little too long.

Roborock S8 Max V Ultra Robot review

Like all the brand’s robots, the S8 Max V Ultra comes with the Roborock application. It allows you to define cleaning zones, manage the power of the robot, prohibit zones or even map the surfaces to be washed.

The ultimate optimization model, this application provides access to many other parameters (robot maintenance, customer service, etc.) and allows you to personalize cleaning scenarios as desired. The “SmartPlan” function gives full power to artificial intelligence which optimizes the robot’s route.

Finally, the laziest will appreciate being able to trigger the S8 Max V Ultra by simply saying “Hello Rocky”, the name of the in-house voice assistant. Are you more of an Alexa or Google Assistant? No problem, they are also taken care of for maximum idleness.

Yes for its excellent autonomy

Roborock S8 Max V Station Cleaning Review

The power of the S8 Max V Ultra might make us think that it runs out quickly. It is not so. With medium suction intensity, he goes through two hours of cleaning without batting an eyelid. Allow 1h15 to 1h30 at full power.

Concretely, we never saw the robot return to its base before finishing the work. However, we carried out our tests in a house of 120 m2 on two floors. An excellent performance therefore.

In terms of charging, the S8 Max V Ultra does neither worse nor better than other robots of its kind. Allow two hours for him to regain all his energy. It therefore perfectly fulfills its role as an everyday vacuum cleaner.

Well, for its washing station

Roborock S8 Max V Ultra Station review

Roborock changes almost nothing from its previous designs, for better or for worse. The main flaws of this model come from its multifunction station. Very bulky, it includes three tanks: one for waste water on the left (3.5 liters), one for clean water on the right (4 liters) and a dust collector below (2.5 liters). Next to this receptacle, Roborock has integrated a compartment for detergent: the brand recommends using its own products but we encountered no problems with our usual products.

The capacity of the tanks is lower than that of the Q Revo (5 liters for each bin), which does not seem much bulkier in a room. In practice, we must empty and refill the bins more often and, more generally, maintain this bulky station more. A real weak point for a device at this price.

No for its price

Roborock S8 Max V Review Price

Yes, the S8 Max V Ultra is the best of what Roborock offers and undoubtedly one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners on the market. But this excellence has a price that we consider a tad excessive.

Indeed, other models (including those from Roborock) are just as effective, are sometimes more compact and cost less, without integrating certain technologies.

Some of the innovations integrated into the S8 Max V Ultra therefore seem gimmicky. On the other hand, essentials, such as larger water containers, are missing on a daily basis.

Our opinion on the Roborock S8 Max V Ultra

With its S8 Max V Ultra, Roborock demonstrates all its know-how. This model integrates the ultimate in technologies available today and has established itself as a market benchmark.

Its powerful suction is matched only by its cleaning efficiency, precise navigation and excellent battery life. The fact remains that its price seems high to us at the time of its release, the fault in particular of a bulky station requiring more regular maintenance. The integrated innovations also seem gimmicky compared to more affordable models.

We therefore recommend this model to those who absolutely wish to equip themselves with the ultimate. For others, Roborock offers models with a more attractive quality-price ratio.

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