Rainbow Six Siege Rated 2.0 Explained and Why It’s Bad

Rainbow Six Siege Rated 2.0 Explained and Why It’s Bad

If you’re new to Rainbow Six Siege or haven’t played in a while, this quick guide should help you understand how R6S’s Ranked system works and why it’s caused a lot of negativity.

Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0 has been available for a while now, and many people still don’t know how it actually works. In this guide, we explain how it works and why Ubisoft should fix it.

Classified 2.0 means 2-MMR system

Your Matchmaking Rating (MMR), visible to you, is no longer your only ranking. You now have two: your hidden MMR and your visible MMR. As previously stated, you gain more MMR points than you lose, leading to large point gains and a rise in the leaderboard. Over time, you may lose a few points, but not as many. As long as you avoid a 10-game losing streak, you will generally gain more points than you lose.

So, if you reach Diamond rank, do you start playing against other Diamond players? Not necessarily. Your opponents are determined by your hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR). This hidden MMR works the same way as the old Ranked system: you gain points when you win and lose points when you lose. However, in this system you generally gain and lose points at a balanced rate. So while your visible rank may be Diamond, your hidden MMR may actually be at Platinum.

How to progress in the 2.0 ranking?

If you want to increase your hidden MMR, you need to focus on improving your gameplay and winning matches. However, if your main concern is your visible ranking, you just need to play a large number of ranked matches. This new system favors players who invest a lot of time, rather than those looking to improve their skills..

Essentially, putting more time and effort into ranked matches can allow players of different skill levels to reach higher ranks. Ultimately, your visible ranking may no longer accurately reflect your true skill level. Plus, if you want to know the current attack and defense meta, we have the best operators for you!

Where things start to go wrong

Many players find themselves stuck in Silver, even if they reached higher ranks like Emerald or Diamond in previous seasons. This may happen due to an early losing streak at the start of the season. Initially, the more games you play, the fewer ranked points you receive until the system begins to balance, awarding similar points for wins and losses.

Experiencing an early losing streak, combined with the fact that your hidden MMR can be considerably higher, can lead to playing Silver while facing Diamonds as opponents..

And then there are a lot of players in Champ who don’t belong there. People who didn’t start off badly, who invested a lot of time and who worked their way up to the Champ, making the rank less valuable. So we have very talented players stuck in Silver and less talented players working their way up to the Champ; it’s an absolute disaster and very confusing for many players.

Ranking 2.0 could see some changes

In response to the issues raised, Ubisoft will adjust the ranking system in the future. Although details on the new ranking system are not currently available, players are hoping for improvements. Notably, prominent figures in the community have expressed concerns regarding the current ranking system. Ubisoft’s actions to address these concerns are eagerly awaited, with players optimistic about the lessons learned.

Yes, Ubisoft’s intention to encourage more gameplay in Siege is understandable. The previous system, where players could easily reach Platinum after just ten placement matches, may have annoyed some people. However, the current implementation does not solve the problem.

Many players feel that starting from the bottom is a long and difficult process, and on the other hand, people from higher Elos no longer feel challenged enough.. It’s promising to see Ubisoft recognize these concerns and begin to find solutions that benefit the community.