Nintendo confirms the imminent announcement of its next generation of console (Switch 2?)

In a recent statement, Nintendo’s CEO confirmed that the company’s next generation of consoles will be officially announced sometime this fiscal year. This news, although widely anticipated given persistent rumors of a launch in the first quarter of 2025, finally brings concrete terms to a feverish wait on the part of players around the world.

However, despite this long-awaited announcement, the CEO did not provide additional details regarding the upcoming console, leaving video game enthusiasts waiting for more information on what this new generation of hardware could offer.

In the meantime, Nintendo’s current console, the Switch, continues to remain the center of attention. A Nintendo Direct is confirmed for June, although details on its exact content are still to come. It should be noted that this Direct should not address the subject of the potential “Switch 2” or any other name that the new console could take, focusing instead on the titles and projects coming for the second half of 2024.

This confirmation portends exciting months ahead for Nintendo gamers, who remain eager to see what the future holds in terms of hardware and games. Stay tuned for more updates on what’s happening with the next generation of Nintendo consoles and upcoming announcements during June’s Nintendo Direct.