Nexus Mods launches new app on Steam Deck, starting with…

Dive into the future of game modding with the new Nexus Mods app for Steam Deck, starting with Stardew Valley.

Nexus Mods has just announced the alpha release of their new mod management appa cutting-edge platform that promises to revolutionize the way mods are installed, managed, and experienced. Currently, this first release is available exclusively for Stardew Valley, with plans to expand to other games soon.

Project update and future goals

Over the past few months, the Nexus Mods team has been hard at work building the technology that powers this app. They even hired a new product manager to make sure everything is perfect with the features you really need.At the moment the app is super basic—this is just the beginning, after all. They really want to make this a community project, so they take into account any feedback they may receive. They’ve already spoken with some hardcore Stardew Valley modders, and they plan to reach out to the Cyberpunk 2077 crowd next to expand the app’s reach.

You might be wondering why the app doesn’t support popular titles like Skyrim or Fallout 4 yet. The reason is simple: the app is still in its early stages. There are already good mod managers for these games, and the Nexus Mods team wants to come up with something significantly better before expanding their list.

Alpha Features and How to Get Involved

Stardew Valley modders are invited to test the alpha version and contribute to the development of this innovative tool. The alpha supports installing mods for Stardew Valley on Steam and GOG, with additional features planned for future updates. This is a unique opportunity to influence the development of a tool that could become central to the modding community.

For the moment, Nexus Mods advises keeping the app as a secondary option for mod management, given its novelty.

The Nexus Mods team is committed to publish updates every three weeks, allow users to follow the evolution of the application in real time. Feedback from early users will be essential to guide development, including adding support for more games and improving existing features.

Join the alpha today by downloading the app for Windows or Linux (including Steam Deck support), with macOS support on the horizon. Whether you’re an experienced modder or new to the scene, this is your chance to help shape the future of game modding.