Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 reveals a revolution…

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 reveals a revolution…

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will look and feel incredible, with the introduction of all-new features to further immerse you in the world of aviation.

Recently at the Flight Simulator Expo in Las Vegas, the Microsoft Flight Simulator development team revealed some brand new information about their upcoming title. Exciting new features are added to the game that players could have dreamed of just 4 years ago.

Players can expect a lot more immersion, thanks to new features, as well as visual improvements, so what are the highlights of the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024?

Flight Simulator 2024: what to expect

Visually, the game will improve a lot. The landscape under the plane goes from a simple ground texture to full 3D models. So you will see All-new biome models, which will hugely improve visuals.

To create even more immersion, players will be able to carry out checks on planes before commercial flights, similar to what real pilots do before letting passengers board the plane. So you need to go through a real pre-flight checklist to make sure your aircraft maintenance is done correctly.

Add more realistic AI-piloted planes and global shipping traffic that will be simulated more realistically. Oh and all the helipads in the world are also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Not only does the game become more visually realistic, but the developers have also implemented new physics simulations that add more touch points for the aircraft models. Additionally, the physics of cargo weight has also been included, which is part of the pre-flight check, to ensure that your plane is not too heavy on cargo, fuel and passengers.

Players can also sit back and enjoy the in-game flight replay feature, as well as an in-game flight path planner.. All of these should be features that players can really relax with. Just listen to music and enjoy the air… without having to pay for a flight somewhere.

A host of new features are being announced, so if you want to know the nitty-gritty details, be sure to check out the developer walkthrough on the official YouTube channel.