How to activate OPPO Reno 8 voice input?

How to activate OPPO Reno 8 voice input?



Your objective will be to write a message by dictating it out loud. Your hands are full or you are in the car, which makes it difficult for you to pick up the smartphone. It is indeed very useful to be able to write a message by dictating it. With this article, we will explain to you how to first activate voice input mode. Afterwards we will explain to you how to dictate a message out loud.

How to activate voice input mode on your OPPO Reno 8?

In order to dictate a message, you will need to check that the option is activated on your Android phone. To activate the mode Voice typing read the steps below:

  1. open the settings of your OPPO Reno 8
  2. sometimes you have to click on additional parameters, if not present go directly to 3.
  3. choose Language and seizure
  4. Then at the level of the part Method and Input choose
    • Google voice typing, if you have Gboard keyboard and choose voice typing language
    • other keyboard than Google, choose keyboard then Voice autocomplete, then activate this voice entry

How to dictate a written message on OPPO Reno 8?

You have several ways to write a message while speaking. In the first example, we will take the voice input mode using the Gboard keyboard. To change the keyboard on your OPPO Reno 8, see our article.

Send a dictated message using your keyboard

Indeed, nothing could be simpler to dictate a message. Follow the steps below to write your text by dictating it:

  • open the app Message of your OPPO Reno 8
  • tap where you are typing
  • at the top right you can see a mic press it
  • as soon as you hear “Speak now, dictate your text”
    • to add punctuation or go to the line, you will have to say it out loud. In particular, say ” Point “, ” Interrogation point “, ” new line »
  • as soon as you finish, choose the arrowhead to send

Use Google Assistant to dictate a message

It is possible to use the Google Assistant to help you type a message and even send it. To begin, the Google Assistant must be activated on your OPPO Reno 8. Once the assistant is activated, it is simple to dictate a message, read the different instructions:

  • Say » Ok google »
  • Then say in particular “Send SMS to…” or “Send Messenger message to…”
  • Choose the recipient from the contact list
  • Dictate the message
  • once finished, click Send

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