Help, Netflix and its rivals are remaking TV (and worse)

On paper, the emergence of streaming and SVOD has been undeniable progress for consumers. Viewers from all over the world can thus find thousands of series and films as they wish, according to their current tastes. Additional comfort compared to the programs imposed by television channels. This was without counting on an unfortunate development which pushes Netflix, Disney+ and their rivals to adopt the same strategies as the giants of the small window.

Advertising is arriving en masse in streaming

In a recent article, the New York Times decided to interview Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, and Mike Hopkins, director of Amazon Prime Video. The latter confirm very bad news for their subscribers. Eager to find the path to profitability, they plan to further increase the prices of their subscriptions.

And all those who would like to avoid these increases are asked to use subscriptions including advertising. This was precisely one of the weighty arguments in favor of streaming: being able to watch a program without the experience being spoiled by advertising.

The rise of advertising also raises fears of the worst in terms of content quality. Indeed, advertisers are often concerned with reaching a mass audience, which tends to slow down risk-taking and focus on content deemed to be more mediocre. The leaders consulted by our colleagues deny this and for the moment we are forced to take their word for it.

Note that the latter, like John Malone, member of the board of directors of Warner Bros. Discovery, anticipate increased investment in live sport. Here again, he is not reinventing the wheel, and this content has also made the heyday of Canal+ in France.

What about artists’ remuneration?

Let us also remember, and this is a phenomenon that makes our American colleagues smile, that the major platforms now offer packages that offer subscription to each of them in one go. Which is reminiscent of a sort of cable streaming network.

Finally, and this is something to consider: while television networks offer a fairly stable model for artists, the remuneration of screenwriters, actors and talent in general by streaming platforms is the subject of heated discussions and was among the main concerns during the last strike in Hollywood.

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