Google Maps on iPhone gets a big new feature that will save you from speeding tickets

iPhone users will soon be able to enjoy a highly anticipated feature on Google Maps: displaying a speedometer directly in the application. This new feature, already present on the Android version of Google Maps and on Waze, is being gradually deployed on iOS. It promises not only to improve the navigation experience, but also to help drivers respect speed limits and thus avoid costly fines.

Since its launch in 2009 on the Motorola DROID, Google Maps has continued to evolve to provide an ever more comprehensive and accurate navigation experience. The addition of the speedometer on the iOS version marks another important step in this evolution, bringing the features offered to iPhone users even closer to those enjoyed by Android users.

Finally the speedometer in Google Maps for iPhone

Integrating a speedometer into a navigation app like Google Maps has several benefits. According to Autoevolution, The accuracy of a GPS-based meter is superior to that of your vehicle’s dashboard. This more reliable information will therefore allow you to better control your speed and stay within the authorized limits.

Additionally, by consolidating navigation and speed information in one place, Google Maps makes it easier for drivers. No more switching between displays: you can check your route and speed at a glance. This helps reduce distractions while driving and keeps your eyes on the road.

Progressive deployment

You don’t have this new feature on your app yet? That’s normal. Its deployment is being carried out gradually and has hardware and geographic limitations at the moment. Some iPhone users have already noticed the intermittent appearance of the speedometer on their Google Maps app in the United States. One Reddit user reported seeing the feature on their iPhone 14 Pro, while it was absent on an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Not surprisingly, Google, like others, always rolls out its new features gradually in order to adapt to real-world conditions and ensure their reliability before a large-scale deployment. In this specific case, the company also takes the time to lock in the legal requirements of the various local laws regarding the use of the phone while driving.

While waiting for this feature to arrive on Google Maps, you can already enjoy it on Waze. The speedometer function is already available there and offers interesting customization options. For example, you can configure the application to alert you when you exceed the speed limit, with different possible alert thresholds (5, 10, 15 or 20 km/h above the limit, or percentages of excess).

  • Google is gradually rolling out a speedometer on the iOS version of Google Maps.
  • This feature, already available on Android and Waze, offers better accuracy than your vehicle’s speedometer.
  • Using this feature responsibly can help you avoid speeding tickets and the fines that come with them.

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