Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals ‘Brides To Be’ Summon Event

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems announced that the “Special Heroes: Brides to Be” summon event will begin on May 20 at Fire Emblem Heroes. A new version of Alcryst from Fire Emblem Engage will also be coming to the game as a free unit.

Previously, the mythical hero Loki had joined Fire Emblem Heroes with a powerful new set of skills. Rearmed Lumera and other new heroes Fire Emblem commits joined us shortly after, at the beginning of May. More heroes are joining the game as the spring season comes to an end.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Special Heroes: Brides-to-be Event

Starting May 20 at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET, Fire Emblem Heroes Players can summon bride versions of Embla, Lapis, Nel, and Sharena (duo unit with Veronica) in the Special Heroes: Brides to Be event. The event will last until June 19 at 11:59 p.m. PT / June 20 at 2:59 p.m. ET. Additionally, Alcryst will be available as a score reward during the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event. This means that players can get Alcryst for free.

Watch the new trailer below, courtesy of Nintendo:

Good Smile Company will release a new 1/7 scale figure of Alear from Fire Emblem commits. It is the last Fire Emblem character to receive a Good Smile Company scale figure, following Corrin, Veronica, Roy, Lilina, Byleth, Lyn and Marth. The figure costs $216.99 and will ship in Q3 2025.

Fire Emblem commits released in January 2023 on Nintendo Switch as the final mainline game Fire Emblem game. The game brought back more than a dozen Fire Emblem heroes, including Marth, Ike, Roy and even Byleth. A total of four waves of DLC were subsequently released, featuring new story content and new characters. Earlier this year, character designer Mika Pikazo shared special new artwork to celebrate the game’s first anniversary.

Lately, Fire Emblem Heroes is available now for Android and iOS devices worldwide.