Fate/stay night Remastered shares new main visual by Takashi Takeuchi

Type-Moon has shared a new key visual for Fate/stay night REMASTERED this morning, with the three main heroines and the protagonist, Shirou. The illustration was created by Takashi Takeuchi, the character designer of Fate/Stay the night, Tsukihimeand more.

This remaster is Fate/stay night New starwhich is a version based on the PlayStation 2 version of the game. In this version, the adult content was removed and the three separate routes were split between three separate episodes instead of one main title.

This release will mark Type-Moon’s third major title to make its way to the West. Type-Moon started this initiative with Witch during the holy nightreleased in December 2022 on PS4 and Switch simultaneously in Japan and the West. The latest release, 2021 Tsukihime – A Piece of Blue Glass Moon –was finally released yesterday in English for the first time on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Be sure to check out our 4.5/5 review here.

A Type-Moon Times presentation will take place on August 3rd with more information on Fate/stay night REMASTERED. It is likely that we will receive information here regarding physical editions and a release date. This main visual is probably the cover of Fate/stay night REMASTERED. However, it should be noted that Type-Moon is planning to hold a panel at Anime Expo next week, which may also contain more information about this title.

Fate/stay night REMASTERED will launch in 2024 worldwide on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. A PlayStation version of the title has not been confirmed at this time.