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Zenbo is the new home robot presented by ASUS


Zenbo is the new home robot presented by ASUS

On the occasion of the Computex 2016 held in Tapei, ASUS he presented Zenboa domestic robot capable of walk and talk.

Jonney Shihpresident of the Taiwanese company ASUSpresented today ASUS Zenbo, a very special home robot ideal for the elderly and children but also useful for adults. The cute robot is able to perform a variety of actions including interacting with appliances, walking and helping with household chores. Zenbo in short, he is a handyman, he can help you in the kitchen by showing you the various steps of a recipe, he can turn the lights on and off or remind you to take some medicines. The robot is equipped with a display thanks to which it is possible to perform various operations including viewing stream video or shop. The company underlined the usefulness of the robot for the elderly who live alone or who have difficulties, but also for the little ones for whom it can singing songs and telling stories. In short, for ASUS Zenbo nothing seems impossible.

Currently the robot is sold only in the Asian continent at a price of $ 599 but it could very soon reach the European market as well. Below we leave you a video in which you can admire all the functions and capabilities of Zenbo.