Your PS4 controller will purr and meow in Persona 5 Royal


Image: wallpapercave

The touchpad on the PlayStation 4 controller has been completely underutilized in this generation, but more and more developers are starting to hide small easter eggs in their implementation if you press it during certain sequences. Zombie Army 4: Dead War replicated the groans and grunts of a horde of N**i zombies, and now Atlus has done something similar in Person 5 Royal.

Captured by YouTube user RedsDead21, if you press the touchpad down while in the Mementos stage, your controller will begin to purr and meow. It is Morgana, of course, who accompanies the main protagonist throughout the adventure of more than 100 hours. Did you notice this happen during your game endeavor?

Watch the video below:

Person 5 Royal was previously released in Japan, but since March 31 it is now available in its digital version. The sale of the game’s physical media is expected to start in April, for R $ 249.90 (the same as for its digital version).

Even before its launch in the West, many representatives of the gaming journalism sector were able to take advantage and evaluate the Person 5 Royal. If you’re curious, check here the notes of some of the most famous sites, such as Screen Rant, Twinfinite and DualShockers.