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Yoshida: The consoles aren’t dead

Yoshida: The consoles aren’t dead

After focusing on the importance and success of the titles PlaystationSony of Japan boss “Shuhei Yoshida) said the consoles are not dead, based on sales of the nextgens.

They are not dead!

About two years ago we were told “The consoles are dead” but looking at the sales of Playstation 4 and Xbox One it would not seem so.

A short statement that leaves no room for imagination as they say. The gist is that Yoshida claims and affirms that consoles will continue to exist for many more years despite the presence on the market of increasingly powerful PC components, which allow the player to play with a superior graphics sector.

Xbox One and Playstation 4, especially the latter, are in great demand by consumers of which most of them do not have a powerful PC to allow them to play at their best or prefer a console for convenience. The slice of the market that plays with the PC, on the other hand, opts for STEAM as a platform which offers titles at “ridiculous” prices in a positive sense, of course, cutting off the legs of companies like Sony and Microsoft that offer the same title at very high costs.

If the future of videogames is the digital market, the big players in the industry have no hope of competing with STEAM. What do you think?