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Yeedi vac 2 pro | Review

Yeedi vac 2 pro | Review

Yeedi has just announced a new robot vacuum cleaner, Yeedi vac 2 pro, which we had the opportunity to preview. Let’s find out how it behaves during daily cleaning.


The Yeedi vac 2 Pro package contains a wealth of equipment. In addition to several instruction manuals we find the mopping module, to be mounted in the back of the robot, a dummy module to be inserted in its place if you prefer to use only the suction function, a tool to remove hair and dirt from the brush and the base. charging.

One is also available self-emptying charging station turret, sold separately, which replaces the standard charging base and is able to empty the robot tank in less than 20 seconds after each cleaning. The dirt flows into a bag that is very easy to replace and with a good one capacity: after about a month of daily cleaning I still haven’t been able to fill it completely.

first start and app

You can interact with Yeedi vac 2 Pro via the official app of the manufacturer, downloadable from the Play Store. The interface it is very clean and intuitive, with very few translation smudges, and the interaction with the vac 2 Pro is simple and fluid. The only inconvenience I encountered is that, by restarting the modem, the device is no longer able to automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi, requiring a new connection via the app.

There first configuration of the robot is quite simple and the Yeedi app will guide you step by step; once the device is connected to the internet it will be possible to perform a complete mapping of the houseto allow the robot to recognize the various obstacles present.

All time via app it is also possible to rename the different rooms of the house, set cleaning programs, or order the robot to concentrate only on cleaning certain rooms. Conversely, you can choose which rooms to exclude from automatic cleaning.

From the app it is also possible to monitor the position of the robot during cleaning, check the state of wear of the various components and purchase new ones from the official Yeedi store, select the suction power and the amount of water to use during washing.

technical specifications and design

The design by Yeedi 2 vac Pro it is not particularly innovative, but still rather pleasing to the eye and able to adapt to different styles of furniture. There upper body, white in color, it is very essential: in addition to the manufacturer’s logo and the start / pause button, we find a camera, which the robot uses to orient itself at home and to connect to the internet via QR codes generated by the app. Also on the top of the device we find a liftable panel below which there are the on / off button and the one to activate the Wi-Fi, in addition to the tank and a brush to remove the remnants of dust.

THE edges of the robot are black and very effectively protected by the side bumpers; turning it upside down we can see a rotating brush, used to collect dirt during suction, the cushioned wheels and a roller brush. All components can be reached very easily, making their maintenance and possible replacement very practical.

The main technical specifications are as follows:


In a nutshell, the work done by Yeedi vac 2 Pro is really greatboth on parquet and on tiled floors.
First, they convinced me movements of the robot: it is very precise in following the map drawn after the first start and thanks to the 3D obstacle avoidance technology can detect unexpected objects during the cleaning lap and automatically avoid them.
Always speaking of obstacles, the cables left on the ground represent one of the greatest enemies of automatic vacuum cleaners; vac 2 Pro is no exception, but luckily for me, it was always able to stop a few seconds after I started vacuuming a thread, avoiding doing irreparable damage.

The level of cleanliness offered has definitely convinced me: the side brush removes dirt very effectively and the maximum power is more than enough to vacuum up even larger residues. The function is also very good mopping with oscillating cloth, which allows a more thorough cleaning: the amount of water released is always uniform and sufficient to remove surface dirt, without however soaking the floor, which returns dry within seconds.

Out of curiosity, after the first cleaning, I passed an electrostatic cloth on the floor, collecting a very limited amount of residues. We are not at the levels of a thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and mop, but the latter, given the performance of the robot, can easily happen more rarely.

Battery life is good, sufficient for thorough cleaning without interruption. An area of ​​15 square meters, as long as there are no unexpected obstacles along the way, is cleaned in less than 30 minutes, leaving over 70% of residual battery. If you have to clean larger rooms, the robot is still capable of automatically resume cleaning from where it left off as soon as it completed charging.

Finally, the little maintenance request: by also purchasing the self-empty station charging turret, the most frequent intervention will involve washing the mopping cloth after each use and cleaning the hairbrushes and small residues of dust as appropriate.


Yeedi 2 vac pro is to be promoted with full marks.

Very simple to configure, it is accompanied by a very clear and complete app, which allows you to manage different settings directly from your smartphone. The cleaning, very accurate and programmable within the times you prefer, will allow you to keep the house clean with minimal effort. If you are considering the purchase of a device of this type, with Yeedi 2 vac pro you will be on the safe side, grabbing a versatile and efficient robot.
The list price is € 449.90, but from Sunday 1st May to Sunday 8th May it will be offered at the special price of € 379.99. Instead they are necessary € 199 for the purchase of the self-emptying turret, which, however, will save you from frequent emptying of the tank.